The 4 Best Touch Screen TV

You have probably heard about the latest touchscreen tvs, but do you know how to choose the best one? There are several factors to consider before purchasing one. This article will look at the best models from various manufacturers, including Discover A Lot More

Embedded Touch Screen PCs in New York

Embedded touch screen PCs are designed for industrial applications. They are equipped with a W-LAN module, IP65 water-and-dust-proof front panel, and VESA 75- and 100-sized screw patterns for mounting. Unlike a regular PC, Embedded Touch Screen Discover A Lot More

Touch screen Display made of IP65

The IP65 rating for touchscreen displays means that the screen can withstand dust and water jets. This is an important feature for LCD touch screens in industrial settings. This type of protection is needed to ensure that the touchscreen remains Discover A Lot More

Touch Screen Monitors That Are Huge

Touch screen monitors are a popular choice for home entertainment and business. These big-screen devices are more responsive to finger movement and use less power. Although they used to be used exclusively for business purposes, touch screens Discover A Lot More

Capacitive Touchscreen Display

A capacitive touchscreen display is an LCD with a capacitance between its electrodes. When a finger touches a touch screen, it causes a very small change in the electrical current flowing through the capacitor. The current flows from electrodes Discover A Lot More

Industrial Touch Screen Monitors

Industrial touch screens are specifically designed for continuous use by personnel and heavy-duty industrial devices. For instance as in CNC machinery for industrial use. This technology is also applied in military applications to control all Discover A Lot More

Anti Bacterial Touch Screen Protector

An anti bacterial touch screen is a must for any interactive touchscreen display system. The touchscreen surface is a prime breeding ground for bacteria and germs. The new Review Display Systems touch screen technology kills 99.9% of microbial bacteria. Discover A Lot More

Using a Touch Screen Kiosk at Your Trade Shows

A touch screen kiosk allows greater interactivity to customers through a specialized form of electronic display which reacts to physical pressure or other forms of physical interaction, such as a finger or stylus. As they enable greater interactivity, Discover A Lot More

Large Touch Monitor in Queens, NYC

You can benefit from large touch screen monitors in your business, office, or at home in Queens, NYC. They were originally designed for military use but have expanded their application to a variety of environments. Today, most businesses are using them Discover A Lot More

Computer Touch Screen Monitors

Touch screens are usually very user-friendly interface displays, as users are able to feel like they are directly engaging with their computer system. But it’s not right for all computer workstations to just consist of a touch sensitive screen, Discover A Lot More

Readable Sunlight For Touch Screen

Touch screen displays are becoming more popular in the market these days. There is a wide range of choices that are available for consumers as far as display units for use with their devices are concerned. While the market might have too many Discover A Lot More

The Open Frame Touch Screen Display

A plasma touch screen display system is usually equipped with an open frame touch screen display. This type of display provides a clearer picture because the light which is reflected from the display goes through the “translucency” feature. When Discover A Lot More

Outdoor Touch Screen Displays

Touch screen display hardware has existed for decades. The technology has been developed to where it is possible to use the equipment in outdoor settings. One of the first companies to develop outdoor touch screen displays was Bell Labs, who Discover A Lot More

Industrial Grade Touch Screen Monitor

We are all pretty familiar with the capabilities of touch screen monitors, even if we don’t want to admit it. Touch screens have made our lives so much easier, whether we are working at a computer or on our phones. In reality, though, most of us Discover A Lot More

Portable Monitor For Laptops

Asus MB16AP is a small portable monitor, which is used for inputting input and output data to a computer or laptop. It has a video input port, an audio input port, an USB port for power and data connection, and a USB port for data transmission. Discover A Lot More