3 Viewsonic Touch Screen News in 3 August 2022

touch screen news in august 2022

Is there touch screen news in August 2022? In a recent Chicago morning show, the weatherman accidentally touched the screen of his TV and the map started moving. His co-host, Valerie Warner, asked him if he was serious. Mid-show, the weatherman tweeted about it. While he was still in the newsroom, others started to take notice. I wonder if this is the future?

ViewSonic’s ultra-port

The new ViewSonic TD1655 portable 15.6-inch touch display is designed for on-the-go productivity, as a complementary touchscreen to your laptop. The TD1655 features a high-resolution, anti-glare screen and 10-point PCAP capacitive touchscreen. The device has a magnetic cover for protection and two USB Type-C connectors. The ultra-portable design can be taken anywhere and even includes a built-in anti-slip mat.

The TD1655 is available for $349 with a launch special on Amazon, Lazada, and ViewSonic’s website. Unlike the previous TD1655, the TD1655 is not designed for professional photo editing. A kickstand is included, allowing users to move the screen from desk to desk with ease. The ASUS ProArt Display also offers a portable version, with a 14-inch full-HD IPS panel. The ASUS ProArt Display is also factory-calibrated Delta E. HP’s EliteDisplay S14 is the company’s slimmest portable monitor. The TD1655 will support most smartphones with USB-C ports.

The TD1655 weighs less than two pounds and comes with a stand for landscape and portrait orientations. The TD1655 is made from plastic and weighs only 710 grams, making it an ideal portable monitor. The TD3456 and VG2440V are also scheduled for release in August 2022. The TD1655 is a solidly built monitor with decent speakers and a thin profile. Although its price isn’t as high as its competitors, it’s still a good value for money.

ViewSonic has just unveiled two new gaming monitors and two new portable touch screens. The VX1755 sports a 144Hz refresh rate and a 4ms response time. It also uses AMD FreeSync Premium technology to deliver silky, lag-free visuals in fast-paced games. It also delivers crisp audio, so gamers can listen to music without interruption. As for the ViewSonic VX1755, it’s a portable monitor that joins the company’s lineup of portable products.

If you are in the market for a desktop display, consider the newest high-resolution professional installation projectors. They shine bright in virtually any environment and feature breakthrough technologies like SuperColor and PortAll. They’re designed to make presentations and other presentations feel amazing, and they’ll reduce your TCO in the process. The ultra-portable touch screen monitor will be available in August 2022.

The TD1655’s 3.5 audio jack and two USB Type-C ports allow for connectivity. The TD1655’s back is made of metal, and it has silver edges. The monitor stand is made of thin aluminum with a textured surface. The bottom half is hinged to allow for easy storage and attaches magnetically when not in use.

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The VP2411’s screen is coated with an anti-fingerprint layer, and has a 6H hardness level. This anti-fingerprint surface makes it easy to use. In addition to being easy to use, the ViewSonic VP2411 features an integrated microphone. And the device supports multiple HDMI and VGA ports. With all of these features, the VP2411 is the perfect touchscreen for extending your enjoyment of your smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The upcoming Ultra Wide Screen Series Monitor is a much less-known product than the other top-selling computers and accessories brands. However, it may soon be a big hit. The company hopes that its ultra-portable touch screen will become an essential component for all computers. Its upcoming product is expected to arrive in the market in August 2022, and the company has already promised it will be one of the first to make it.