The Benefits of Capacitive Touch Screen PCs for Building Contractors Industry

benefits of capacitive touch screen pc

Capacitive touch screen PCs have a number of advantages over conventional screens. These include cost savings, accuracy, durability and safety. Read on to discover the benefits of this type of PC. It is also a great choice for industrial and distribution centres where large volumes of data need to be processed in real time.

Cost savings

Capacitive touch screen PCs are increasingly being used in a variety of applications, including workplaces, digital signage, and labs. They are a cost-effective way to enhance sales and reduce the risk of human error. Faytech Touch PCs can be used easily by employees, and they have few learning curves. In fact, this type of PC is so easy to use that it is commonly used in commercial and office settings.

Capacitive touchscreens have more layers than resistive touchscreens, allowing them to produce a clearer, sharper image. Unlike resistive touch screens, capacitive touchscreens can detect a slight human touch. They are not suitable for stylus use, however, because they cannot pick up objects such as gloves.


The Accuracy of a capacitive touch screen PC depends on the accuracy of its sensors. The sensors detect the location of the touch with a high degree of accuracy. They work with the mutual capacitance principle, which means that multiple fingers, palms, or styli can be tracked at the same time.

There are four types of touch sensor technology. Some are passive and others are active. Among them, the bending wave scheme uses multiple piezoelectric transducers to generate a signal that represents a touch. The sensor data is then processed using either acoustic pulse recognition or dispersive signal technology. However, both methods require a prior process that samples the sensor data, which can produce errors in location estimation.


Capacitive touch screen PCs are generally more durable than resistive touch screens. A capacitive touch screen does not typically break even if used with a stylus or gloves. Also, the screen remains functional even when damaged, unlike a resistive touch screen that would eventually stop functioning if damaged.

Capacitive touch screens work by measuring pressure and responding to the force that is applied to them. The screen is usually made of two thin layers of material, the top layer of which is made of transparent polycarbonate, while the bottom layer is usually a rigid material (glass or PET film). Spacers are used to prevent the two layers from touching each other when they are not in use.


Capacitive touch screen PCs have a number of health and safety hazards. One of them is the potential for distraction while driving or walking. Other hazards are less dramatic, but the risks are increasing as more people use these devices. And Microsoft’s Windows 8 effort is likely to make them even more popular.

A capacitive touchscreen can crack if dropped or subjected to significant pressure. But unlike resistive touch screens, it will usually retain some functionality after being dropped.


PCAP (projected capacitive overlay) technology makes it possible for LCD displays to become vandal-proof, even when placed outside. The technology uses an optically-bonded protective glass layer to create a touchscreen with the highest level of impact and resistance. In addition to providing maximum protection, the technology is also extremely durable and is virtually impossible to scratch. Its flush edge-to-edge design makes it easy to clean.

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Seatronx has an array of panel PCs with varying temperature ranges. The company’s touchscreen panel PCs are available in sizes ranging from 15″ to 24″. They feature HDMI, LAN, and 9-36V power supplies. These PCs are equipped with windows 10 and up to 16 GB of RAM, and can be customized with various other features.


A weatherproof capacitive touch screen PC is an ideal solution for outdoor and indoor applications. Unlike most other types of touch screen computers, these models come with a durable, sealed aluminum case. This allows for the PC to remain silent and not disturb users. They are also built with solid craftsmanship and reliable specifications. These waterproof PCs also come with a full-flush LCD display and an optional 1000 nit high brightness screen.

These ruggedized PCs are great for industrial and commercial settings. The EB-101OEM Waterproof Touch Screen Panel PC features a 10.1″ LCD display and a multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen. Other features include M14 connectors, a sealed IP67 housing, and fanless cooling.